Customized Amulets for Addressing Life Issues

Kabbalist amulets are a form of “spiritual technology”, traditionally crafted to address issues of protection, health and healing, livelihood or blessing. They are imbued with focused meditative energy, specific spiritual intention and mystic prayer that directly speak to the needs of the owner.

Your personalized amulet comes in a small pouch that you carry with you. It consists of a spiritually activated scroll along with a small, carefully chosen crystal that focuses and intensifies its energy. Also included is a meditation on CD to be used along with the amulet, as well as general instructions. I have personally crafted individualized amulets for over twenty years.

“The process of designing and activating the scroll takes me several hours over a two or three-day period. I create a customized amulet, specifically tailored to your needs and then through prayer and meditation, it is energized and blessed.”

I would be happy to produce an amulet for you precisely as you request. Just fill out the request form below and send it back to me so I have your information.

Additionally, if you are interested, I can also do an in-depth reading on your situation or issue as part of the amulet process to determine a fuller view of the reality and energy dynamics that are at work below the surface. This provides you with a much clearer understanding of what is happening to you and what we are working with.

I am also available to do prayer work on your behalf specifically to support your process.

I create a prayer specifically for your situation and pray for you 20 minutes per day for a week. This can be done either in addition to the amulet or in place of it.

Move your life and your dreams forward. Get started now. Simply fill out and send me the order form below. Please, e-mail me to let me know that it is en route.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly through the contact form below, and I will do my best to clarify them.

Peace and Blessings.
Rabbi Fisdel

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Individualized Amulet Order Form
By Rabbi Steven Fisdel

Full Name __________________________________________________
Mailing / Shipping Address _________________________________________________________________
e-mail Address_____________________________________________________
Telephone ___________________________

I wish to order:
* My customized amulet, with private reading, prayer work and Meditation CD _____
* My personalized amulet with accompanying Meditation CD only _____
* Prayer work only on my behalf over the course of a full week _____

1. Who specifically is the amulet for? (Name:) __________________________________
2. Is the amulet for blessing, healing, protection or all 3? __________________________
3. What is the nature of the condition or situation being addressed? __________________________________________________________________
4. How long has this been taking place? ___________________
5. Comments? _____________________________________________________
Payment Information
Cost: $500.00 for Amulet, Private Reading, Prayer Work and Meditation CD
$300.00 for Amulet and Meditation CD
$150.00 for Personalized Prayer Work

These prices include the cost of the materials. Also, I do not charge for shipping and handling if this is being sent anywhere in the US. However, if I need to ship the amulet outside the country, there is a slight additional charge for postage.

_____ Check to Rabbi Steven Fisdel Enclosed
_____ Cashier’s Check (Required for Overseas Order) or Bank Draft
_____ MasterCard, Visa Payment or PayPal
Card Number ______________________________________________________
Name as it appears on card ___________________________________________
Expiration Date _____________________
CVC Code (The 3 Numbers on the back of the card) __________________

Steven Fisdel, 1126 Marin Avenue Suite #2, Albany, CA 94706 USA

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