Deeper Connection to Jewish Faith

Many of us have experienced missing pieces in traditional Jewish life. Reliance on institutional structure, doctrine, ritual and community are often not sufficient for feeling connected to the Divine. We need to go to the next level, spirituality. We need to go back to the roots of Judaism.

Mystic tradition is at the root of every aspect of the Jewish faith. All mystic traditions are like different trees lining the same river. The commonality is that all the trees are drawing nourishment from the same river. We are all different expressions of one spiritual truth.

Discover Kabbalah, the millennia old Jewish mystic tradition. Draw water from Source to experience new growth, a deepening of the roots and a cross-pollination of ideas for deeper understanding. The quest to know the Divine is, in truth, a quest to know ourselves.

Experience is the Divine. Experience Kabbalah. Discover you.

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