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Experience Life Through the Kabbalah. Learn with a Master Kabbalist

Kabbalah is an ancient, yet evolving wisdom tradition with very practical applications regarding solving life issues, healing and self-empowerment . It is a spiritual system about deepening your connection to God and the personal evolution of “I am”, evolving as a being, which is the essence of why we are here.

If you are on a committed spiritual path or just beginning to explore your relationship to Self and the Divine, Rabbi Steven Fisdel, a lifelong Kabbalist and intuitive, offers Spiritual Assessment services, Spiritual Counseling and Spiritual Healing Practices to individuals, couples and groups.

To learn more about authentic Kabbalah, watch the video below or contact Rabbi Fisdel directly.

  • When brought to a place of inner peace,
    the resulting clarity illuminates the very pattern
    of our life, allowing us the power to reconfigure it
    and reorient its direction for the better.


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