Kabbalah for Trauma/PTSD

People say, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” But for those suffering with PTSD and the effects of trauma, we are the lemons being mercilessly squeezed dry.

During and after World War One, what is now termed PTSD was called “shellshock,” massive explosions inducing shock and trauma. We have found that Kabbalah, a centuries old spiritual tradition offers resources to heal the effects of past traumatic experiences so we can move forward. Kabbalah helps you deal with the level of the explosion itself and move beyond it.

Kabbalah offers a spiritual perspective on what you experienced and what can be done about it. Kabbalah helps us differentiate between the soul and the ego. Trauma destroys one’s sense of self, but for most of us, the self we identify with is the ego. It is the persona we have created in this lifetime to cope with life. It can be successfully rebuilt, but that work has to occur on the soul plane.

Kabbalah reconnects us to our Soul and a deeper sense of Self. Come to a different understanding about consciousness, the Soul and immortality. Come to a new understanding of you. There is life after trauma. And it can be beautiful.

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