Learning Kabbalah

 Bet Midrash Modules

In three-month modules, Rabbi Fisdel provides an informative, ongoing series of presentations on important topics in Kabbalah. Each module focuses on a specific subject area within Kabbalah and are presented the third Saturday of every month. Each monthly session is 2 ½ hours. The topics are presented in an easily understandable format and often include practical, meditative exercises to reinforce the material experientially.

One can attend a module either in person or as a long distance learner. If one wishes to attend in person, the sessions are held in Albany, California. Those participating as long distance learners can subscribe to the modules in advance and receive recordings of the sessions, by the end of each month, either as MP3 files or as CDs.

For a list of up and coming Bet Midrash modules, please click the Event button to the left. For more information or to register for a module, please contact Rabbi Fisdel at (800) 851 – 2495 or e-mail us at rabbifisdel@classicalkabbalist.org.


Private Students

If you are interested in learning  Kabbalah on a more systematic and in-depth basis, Rabbi Fisdel does mentor qualified students privately as well as arrange classes for groups.  When working with the Rabbi privately, focus is placed on your interests and objectives to determine both the direction and the duration of your course of study.

Personalized instruction is the traditional method of learning Kabbalah. It is the most rapid, focused and efficient method of integrating the teachings and mastering the techniques cognitively and experientially. For you not only have a teacher, you have an active resource, as well as a skilled guide and mentor.

To arrange study sessions with the rabbi, please contact us directly at (800) 851 – 2495 or by e-mailing us at rabbifisdel@classicalkabbalist.org.


Essential Kabbalah
The Essential Kabbalah Program is a series of recorded seminars that systematically present core material on some of the most central doctrines and practices in the Kabbalah. These ancient esoteric teachings are made fully accessible to you as a modern listener through clear, detailed explanation and by delving thoroughly into the practical translation of this profound system of thought as it applies to 21st-century life.

For More Information, Please Contact Rabbi Fisdel Directly at (800) 851-2495 or through the Contact Form (click here).


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