Meditations Within Kabbalah

Learn the Secrets of Kabbalistic Meditation;
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The Meditation Practice within Kabbalah is a carefully structured guide for a meditation practice designed to train people to reach higher levels of consciousness and evolving spirituality. Since Kabbalah is universal in its approach, its practices are open and available to seekers of any faith or spiritual path. It speaks to those looking for a closer relationship to the Divine and an evolution of consciousness.

If prayer is talking to God, meditation is listening to the answer. The Meditation Practice within Kabbalah is a practical guide to accessing those messages. The ultimate objective of meditation in Jewish tradition is to achieve and maintain a direct connection with God and to reach unification with the light of His presence in the universe through “Devekut”, adhesion to God through direct experience.

Now Available in Paperback and E-Book

The Meditation Practice within Kabbalah is the result of 25 years of intense study, personal experience, and teaching. The doctrines and practices described in this original work are drawn directly and exclusively from traditional Jewish sources. Both the novice and the experienced meditator will benefit from the variety of practices included in this volume.

“In this bold yet traditional book, Rabbi Steven Fisdel guides the reader step-by-step into the realm of Kabbalistic meditation. Drawing on the imagery and symbolism of Jewish mysticism, he creates contemporary versions of classical meditative techniques such as focusing on the Alef Bet, the names of God and the ten Sefirot.

The author succeeds in making the Kabbalah accessible. He provides tools of transformation: simple, powerful methods for awakening our awareness of the link between the soul and God.”

Daniel C. Matt, Author of The Essential Kabbalah, The Zohar: The Pritzker Edition

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