Past Life

Past Life Regression
Bridging Your Past and Present
Resolving Issues, Opening Future Possibilities


Kabbalist View of Reincarnation
In the Kabbalah, the doctrine of reincarnation is an old and important one that is central in explaining the cycles and evolution of the soul. The spiritual growth and development of our soul is understood to be the whole purpose for our conscious existence.

Life on earth is seen as a continuum with each lifetime forming another link in the chain of spiritual experience. Each lifetime that we have is intimately linked to all that have gone before and has implications for the future. Our current life is a unique whole with its own purpose, its own distinct persona and its own will. Yet, it is influenced by the experiences, thoughts, patterns and deeds of past incarnations.

Nature and Importance of Past Life Work
Through Past Life Work, the subconscious mind directly accesses the memories and experiences of your past incarnations. It does so to give you a far fuller picture of the forces effecting your life now that are hidden by the veil of the past. The roots of our fears, anxieties, difficulties and obstacles can often lie in traumatic events beyond our current existence. So is foundation of our relationships, our sense of self, our beliefs and talents.

Past Life Work gives you a broader field of self-understanding to heal past damage and to actualize your current life purpose and dreams. By gaining a clearer and more complete knowledge of where you have been, you become far more in touch with who you are, what strengths and skills you have developed and what rich possibilities exist for the future.

To clear your vital energy and move on to a fulfilling life free from past life issues, old ties and obligations, destructive, negative beliefs, fear and despair, consider Past Life Work with Rabbi Fisdel.

Step 1: Intake and Discussion. CD Meditation. Homework
Step 2: Regression and Summary of Session
Step 3: Questions. Discussion and Personal Processing
Step 4: Energy Clearing. Recommendations for New Directions

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