Kabbalah Based Spiritual Healing

Transforming Self and Evolving to the Next Frontier

Spiritual Healing in the Kabbalist tradition is by its nature transformative. It is an experiential process derived from ancient mysticism that strengthens the soul, our core inner being. Kabbalist Healing facilitates personal transformation by tapping into the rich wellspring of our own internal light and intuitive knowingness.

Kabbalah Based Spiritual Healing addresses the inner dimensions of the blockages, disconnections and obstacles, you are experiencing in your life, as well as the breakage, suffering and pain. It is effective, because it works with the hidden dynamics within that are at the roots of dysfunction, illness, abuse or trauma.

Kabbalist Spiritual Healing, first, identifies the causes and nature of your anguish and confusion to promote deeper understanding and neutralize the negative energies. Then through the use of centuries-old practices rebuilds your psycho-emotional patterns by aligning them more directly with life purpose and with your essence, facilitating a return to Self.

Kabbalist Healing involves connecting with the vastness of your own deep inner spiritual resources and forging a conscious link with the power and knowledge of your own essence.

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How is Spiritual Healing accomplished?

The Process of Kabbalah Based Spiritual Healing

Stage 1: There is an Intake Session during which we gather background information, detail the issues you feel you are facing, discuss your experience and set general objectives.

Stage 2: There is an Assessment Process, which involves:
* a specifically designed Kabbalah-based assessment procedure
* correlation and interpretation of the emergent information
* a full explanation of the dynamics in operation and how they effect your life
* a complete session processing the information presented, answering questions and exploring one’s options.

Stage 3: Experiential Healing Session(s) based on Kabbalist practice are provided to address your issue(s) and assist in their resolution, so you can move on in your pursuits and grow psycho-emotionally and spiritually.

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