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Rabbi Fisdel provides practical guidance for achieving inner clarity, shifting consciousness and stimulating positive change based on a deep knowledge of Kabbalist wisdom.

A Word on Spiritual Diagnosis

The Work
Our greatest need in these remarkable times is to deepen our connection to Self in order to construct and implement new models for effectively expressing who we truly are. The Kabbalah based spiritual counseling work we do together speaks to essence and centers on reshaping your perspective on the dimensions and dynamics of your life by drawing on the strength of your own inner wisdom and the living waters of your spiritual core.

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The Importance
Spiritual Counseling works on identifying and deconstructing the negative imprints we are carrying around that are darkening or distorting our life experience. It provides us with a clear mapping of where exactly we are in relation to life purpose.

When processing deep subconscious information from the perspective of Essence, we are actually working on integrating the psycho-emotional and practical dimensions of life experience with higher consciousness. The momentum and synergy produced greatly assists us in resolving our central issues by addressing their hidden roots and by rebuilding our internally held patterns and beliefs. This, in turn, aids us in transitioning and redirecting the entire course of our life for the better.

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The Procedure
The structure of our work involves an initial Intake Session, which is followed by a Diagnostic Process and a couple of focused Counseling Sessions.

Having done either a Tarot reading or the Psycho-Spiritual Profile® (see details below,) a portrait emerges of precisely where you are on your life path. Spiritual counseling focuses on expanding and using this knowledge. Together, we process the specific life issues you are confronting through concise explanation, intuitive insight, dialogue, discussion and feedback.

Our work then progresses to the practical level of re-visioning life, reformatting how we engage in it and redirecting our approach to it. The objective of our work as a whole is to move you through the challenges you are facing and on to the next stage of your life journey smoothly and efficiently.

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In order to effectively see the next plateau in your life journey and determine specifically how to move there, it is essential to gain a full, detailed picture of where you are presently. Rabbi Fisdel employs two related tools to access this vitally important subliminal information about what the nature and the dimensions of your life circumstances currently are:

Tarot Reading

Rabbi Fisdel does intuitive tarot readings that uncover and translate one’s inner knowledge of self and provide deep insight and practical information about life’s challenges.

When we do a Kabbalah based Tarot reading, we tap into the subconscious mind and ask it to present us with subliminal information that we know deep inside, but are normally unaware of.

By thoughtfully formulating questions, we evoke from your inner knowingness informational patterns that when interpreted, simplify your general life experience into specific workable issues that can be understood clearly and therefore, worked with effectively. The greater the insight and the deeper our understanding into the causes, currents and patterns governing your reality, the more the resulting clarity empowers you by facilitating informed and intelligent choices.

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Psycho-Spiritual Profile

For a more in-depth picture of your life situation and the patterns, forces and dynamics
 that are currently governing your life experience, Rabbi Fisdel uses the Psycho-Spiritual Profile®, a tool he developed specifically for this purpose. The Profile is structured to elicit a wealth of subconscious information based on the use of a number of principles and teachings central to the Kabbalah.

The information abstracted and obtained from the profile portrays in depth what is happening on all four levels of your life experience; what is occurring practically, emotionally and cognitively as well as what the root spiritual forces are that are driving them. Rabbi Fisdel’s analysis of this material often provides clarity and direction to the practical work needing to be done to create balance, to heal and to move forward with your life.

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