Tapping Into the Depths of Self

Experience New Plateaus

What a Kabbalist Tarot Reading is Designed to Do for You

* Address Your Practical Life Issues from the Perspective of Inner Knowing
*  Define Your Issues Objectively and Coherently in Present Time
* Move You Beyond Any Pain, Fear, Distress and Trauma
* Help You See What Psycho-Emotional Patterns You are Working With Subconsciously
* Provide a Context for How the Past and Future are Influencing Your Reality
* Clarify Your Options in Concrete Terms In Order to Make Informed Choices
* Provide a Basis for Processing Fully Where You Are and Where You Are Going

Why a Kabbalist Tarot Reading is So Effective and Complete

The Kabbalah asserts that the roots of everything we experience are based in the soul, at the innermost level of our being. To understand the roots, we have to be aware of the branches; our belief system, our emotional patterns and the effects that they’re having on how we are experiencing our reality.

Higher Consciousness is fully aware of the whole fabric of our life experience and all of its dynamics. Information from our Inner Self can be accessed directly through the subconscious mind. So Kabbalah uses the Tarot to diagram this otherwise hidden information and then translate it into a coherent, detailed picture with multiple levels of meaning.

Just as in Dream Interpretation, the subconscious data that is presented in a focused Tarot session needs to be effectively unpacked, discussed and explained. It is precisely the multidimensional nature of the Kabbalah  that is so uniquely suited to elucidate the detailed patterns that your subconscious lays out when you seek information about the full extent of what you are going through.

What You Receive
A One and a Half Hour Reading and Clear Elucidation
Time For Discussion and Questions
A Complete Recording of the Session

What You Need to Do
Schedule an appointment now for an In Person or Long Distance In-Depth Reading with Rabbi Fisdel either by calling 1-800-851-2495 or e-mailing us at rabbifisdel@classicalkabbalist.org.

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