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Essential Kabbalah: The Basic Concepts and Teachings
Introduces a series of themes that are central to Kabbalist thought, involving God-Consciousness, the Creative Process, Divine Guidance, Free Will, Responsibility, the Four Levels of Human Experience and the Evolution of Consciousness .

The Dynamics of the Tree of Life: The Paradigm of Creation
Details how both the universe as a whole is formed, structured and maintained as well as how human consciousness flows and operates within it. The key to understanding Kabbalah is with a deepening knowledge of the Tree of Life.

Incarnation & The Life of the Soul on the Material Plane
Delves into the nature and dimensions of the Soul, how the soul prepares for and experiences a lifetime on earth, the centrality of life purpose and the process of departure.

The Fabric of Reincarnation & Its Practical Applications
Examines carefully the different dimensions and realities of the cycling of soul through lifetimes. Includes discussions on the different reasons for reincarnation as well as on karma, spiritual accountability and the implications of these realities for living our lives.

The Names of God: Working with Divine Attributes and Angelology
Addresses the power and diversity of the various names of God and their application to prayer, meditation and spiritual practice. Includes discussion regarding the nature and function of angelic forces in the world from the Kabbalist perspective.

Kabbalist Prayer and Devotional Practices
Centers on how the Kabbalah both views the essence of prayer as mystical experience and how it utilizes devotional intensity, mental precision and meditation to achieve communion with God. Includes direct demonstrations of several techniques.

In the Garden of Good and Evil
Focuses on a number of different Kabbalist views of the actual nature of good and evil and their relationship as well as interaction with each other. Includes a mystical analysis of the Adam and Eve narrative along with a comparison with the rabbinic and Essene views.

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Books and CD Sets


To unlock the beauty and to demonstrate the poignancy of some of the richest and most central of Jewish prayers, Rabbi Fisdel has written and produced “For the Length of Our Days”. This unique Sabbath prayer book carefully blends basic traditional material with new original prayers, crafted from the perspective of the Kabbalah.

The traditional prayers are accompanied by two parallel translations. The first renders the text into flowing, modern English that accurately captures the meaning and connotation of the Hebrew. The second translation articulates the theological teachings and mystical essence that are at the root of the prayers.

Rabbi Fisdel’s original prayers express the spiritual intentions implicit in the liturgy by reformulating them into a Kabbalistic framework and phrasing them in clear contemporary terms.

“The Length of Our Days” is a work that serves well both for devotional practice and as a Kabbalah text suitable for study and contemplation.

Softcover Edition
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Tarot CDs:


The Katriel Deck: The Original Tarot of the Kabbalah and 4-CD Learning Set
The Katriel Deck, developed by Rabbi Steven Fisdel, is based solely on the original principles, derived directly the Kabbalah, upon which the Tarot was developed. The deck itself and the system of interpretation used with the cards are both predicated on the ancient mysticism surrounding the spiritual and energetic nature of the Hebrew alphabet as the very building blocks of consciousness.

For centuries, the Kabbalists have worked very effectively with this esoteric knowledge in order to access the vast reservoir of higher level information available to the subconscious mind. They have used it extensively in the areas of psychological and emotional healing as well.

The interpretive use of the deck, as taught in the four accompanying CDs, is based on Rabbi Fisdel’s familiarity with the intimate relationship between the Hebrew alphabet and the Kabbalist Tree of Life. This system provides a simpler and more accessible approach to reading the cards than those used with many “traditional” decks. The structure of the Katriel Deck and its point of focus are specifically Kabbalah-based and therefore are very divergent from the standard Tarot model.

Included with the CDs is visual material designed to assist the listener in understanding more fully, this powerful and direct approach to working with the Tarot.

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Meditations on the Tree of Life CD Set:
Within Jewish spiritual tradition and practice, meditation has always been a central factor for the expansion of consciousness. It has, traditionally, been the vehicle for self-realization, self- development and self-understanding as well as for deepening one’s relationship to God. Based at the core of the Kabbalah, Jewish meditation practice has focused much attention over the centuries on delving into and experiencing the various dimensions implicit within the Tree of  Life. The Kabbalah has understood the Tree of Life to be the central paradigm of Creation. It is the model of all existence. It is the key to understanding the deeper levels of all that exists.


This four CD set explains, clearly and fully, the nature and importance of this type of meditation practice in today’s world. Three separate, guided meditations lead the listener gently through several distinct ways of approaching and accessing higher states of consciousness. The meditations found on these CDs are well suited to both beginners and to more advanced practitioners.

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