“I have greatly enjoyed attending Rabbi Fisdel’s workshops in Kaballah onrepeated occasions at his home. His voice is the most authentic Jewish source of wisdom and teaching on the Kaballah that I have found in the Bay Area in 25 years of living here. I have most recently found that his video on Kaballah and healing enabled me to understand the connection between Isaac Luria’s concept of the klippot and my practice of psychotherapy. His presence is kind, engaging, humble and honest. I have repeatedly recommended a consultation with him for my Jewish patients and friends who are seeking a genuine spiritual consultation regarding issues in their lives.”
Mark Perlsweig, MD
Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatry
Burlingame, CA

Learning with R. Steve Fisdel has been both a pleasure and an inspiration. R. Fisdel introduced me to meditating with the Hebrew Letters and with delving into Kabbalah. Both studies have deeply touched my soul. R. Fisdel has an uncanny ability to make challenging ideas understandable. As both a teacher and guide, he has been a personal stimulus for me to expand my Jewish studies, to lead workshops related to Jewish mysticism and to have the ability and courage to publish a book inviting meditation with the wonderful Hebrew Letters.
Nancy Handwerger

When I found Rabbi Fisdel, I knew I had finally found the teacher I had been looking for for a long time. He has helped me begin to understand and uncover how the deeper teachings in Judaism can help to form and enhance my life in the present moment. I feel so motivated by his passion and see myself transforming from his teachings. He is a warm, compassionate and unbelievably knowledgeable Rabbi.
Melissa Lapides, MFT, Transformational Life Coach

Rabbi Fisdel, you are an extraordinarily gifted intuitive, insightful, knowing, compassionate sage and healer. I have complete trust in your exemplary abilities and integrity. You have a highly developed acumen that bridges this material realm with the eternal one. Your mastery and understanding of the works of creation and our unconscious is used with the greatest of respect and safekeeping resulting in your clients and colleagues being great beneficiaries of your insights. I don’t know any other human being with your depth of spiritual understanding and your ability to make it accessible and usable. You have helped me through very painful and challenging times with accurate insight into my unfolding present and future reality– and you have done it with great compassion and hopefulness. You are humble and serious, yet you have a great sense of humor. Your voice and drumming help me transcend in meditation like no other. I am eternally grateful.
Lisa Bertaccini

I have studied with Rabbi Fisdel individually and in class sessions for over five years. Our studies have ranged from Kabalistic chant, to Biblical text study, to personal counseling. In all of my studies with the Rabbi I have experienced from him an unparalleled quality of patience, humility, and sincerity. There is nothing “puffed up” about the Rabbi. He measures his words carefully and is always concerned to convey difficult, hard to understand teachings with clarity and precision. Rabbi Fisdel has helped me refine my relationship with God and develop a more nuanced attitude toward traditional Jewish prayer. In all my sessions with Rabbi Fisdel I have never seen him lose patience or belittle even the most challenging questions. Most importantly he has helped me deepen my spiritual life. He’s the REAL THING.
Randy Heilbrunn

It is rare to find an individual who engenders the confidence necessary with whom to feel emotionally safe while learning how to interpret and experience life from the vantage point of spirit. Rabbi Fisdel’s understanding of Jewish thought and history, his scholarship, empathy, and the insight combine together to make this happen when exploring the esoteric wisdom of the Kabbalah.
Rabbi Michael Perelmuter
Santa Monica, CA

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